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ragnarok online lag fix windows 7 Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later. If you are also among those unlucky ones who is facing such problems then Kill Ping is here to save you for good. Solution 1: Unable to continue with the patch because your aeRO. The Drwatson is a JIT, just in time debugger. exe in normal mode and do the same thing. This project requires CMake 3. 5. Not only that, but moving is really messed up with this lag too. Easily keep an eye on all your game connection stats, observe the difference with and without Ping Booster through a simple line graph and take control of your online gaming – only . My major issue is the inability to play Ragnarok Online smoothly. Select Manage (the cogwheel on the right of the screen). Lead your team to victory by reducing the lag that stands in your way of winning. Storage: 3. Ragnarok Online is super old game wrote on DirectX <= 8 version in 2001 or 2002 Nvidia has Nvidia Optimus solution for laptops (for dual graphics) Nvidia since GTX 7** (driver version around 320) dropped support for old games older than DirectX 9 support, then dropped for rest cards as well too and forced to use your integrated graphics adapter . In the ruins of the fallen Adal Empire, you awaken with a mysterious mask on your face, and faint recollections of an esoteric ceremony. 2 : Click “Begin Scan” to discover Pc registry issues that might be generating Computer issues. It attaches, and collects essentially the same information that my tool extracts from a dump. ObsidianCraft: 40+ plugins - 24/7 No Lag. Players will find many quests, and jobs as you level up your character in the game world. Find MD5FileList. #6 Ragnarok Online 2 – Low FPS Problem If you own a good rig and are sure that the drivers are up to date, you should try downloading the game client from some other source. How to Fix Slow Alt + Tab When Playing Games on Windows 10 April 2018 Update New OS feature seems to cause more harm than good May 1, 2018 11:31 GMT · By Bogdan Popa · Comment · IMO, the problem with lag is just latency, no way to fix that, just need a better ISP, an ISP closest to the backbone in the country. Show/hide Answer : Chances are that you are playing Ragnarok on Windows 8 or a proer version of Windows 7. OS: Windows 7. 7 fans windows 10 fully updated graphic drivers fully updated nothing running while playing games my pc is completely fine for all kind of work but when i play games like warzone, apex legend and red dead redemption 2 the cpu usage is 100% and gpu usage is 1 or 2 % , before playing games i also clean temp file. Right-click the application, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab, and then select the Disable display scaling on high DPI settings check box. Please fix it x3 — Mikkeru (@EnergyC00kie) June 7, 2018. ) Set battery mode to "High performance" Compatibility mode (with windows xp, windows 7, and windows 8) The improved version of Ragnarok Online has a reworked Graphical Interface, a new Daily Login Rewards System, as well as an anti-cheating system. The ExitLag works with any online game, just add your game into the Games tab. Kalau spek PC atau Laptop yang dipakai kurang kuat, maka terjadilah lag. I've played with multiple people troughout europe and every single one of them reported server lag. Meaning of Playing hearts online????? how to use wtfast in ragnarok database. I have played this game flawlessly in the past and since my return ive been frustrated with an endless "lag" in the gameplay graphics. With its high end servers and intelligent routing algorithms lag is a thing for the past. (Location specific) So outside of the huge frame drops you get from Griffins and their dust clouds, I am also getting massive frame drops at 57/36 on the map, near green tower. Improved @refresh rate from 15ms to 1ms. You can cancel your period of evaluation at any time before it ends. Reduce lag in Ragnarok online Ragnarok Online or Ragnarok Renewal is a massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by Gravity. Look for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love in the search bar at the top right corner. Launch Ragnarok Online and enjoy! Dear Ragnarok staff, Please, please pleaaaaaaaaase fix this lag issue. 0 Host Machine Init: Operating System = Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Physical RAM = 5339 MB Setiap game itu ada yang namanya spesifikasi minimum. If u get errors from the RO client it maybe have a protection. This means on fights where latency is crucial, such as Titan Hard Mode, I am able to avoid all boss damage as intended. Yeah, maybe a bit. I'm not sure how they track the creation of new trial accounts but the best way to get around it would be to either change your IP if based on that or find the hidden registry entries in Windows if based on that. NiftyManZ 7 years ago #3. dll, and granny2. First you need to edit data. The fix for position lag in windows vista is not working anymore since the past updates. exe and your Ragnarok exe and forced to use Nvidia Graphics Card instead of Integrated one. The larger they get, the longer a backup can take thus causing more lag. Implemented and Fixed King of Emperium. when game ask you to Login try . PingBooster gives you complete game connection reporting in real-time related to ping times, connection time, data sent and received, ping spikes and much more. Just download the normal Ragnarok Online Client HERE. Install RTL and just play, lag free! Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. grf (so you can revert back the original sprites) 2. All you need to do is download a mod called FAR or Fixed Automata Resolution Mod. exe and set its Compatibility mode to Windows 7, if you're running Windows 10 or Windows XP Service Pack 3, if you're running Windows 7. This happened between 6:30PM-7:00PM August 2 2014, because during that time suddenly I was disconnected from server for no reason! It also happened after trying to log back in for it said "Failed to connect to server"! I tried logging in 2 times and it was a "no go" : (. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money back guarantee) Download the ExpressVPN app and connect to a server in the region you wish to play in. In the video I show you how to reduce lag, vastly improve ping and make playing the game, and using the internet generally, including web browsing a lot more responsive. Jxneyy_ on Twitter found a way to fix the input lag issues on Steam for Apex Legends. Right-click on NovaRO. It also means that the game lags to hell and back when a lot of players are in one area. View Profile View Posts. This reduces lag, ping spikes and jitter that stand in the way of winning. kRO + GlobalRO files Click Image to Download. exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files". ExitLag has an innovative multi-path system that allows multiple simultaneous connections to your game servers in different countries. The program has a visible window. Just like any other MMORPG, Ragnarok also faces lag and ping issues. Ragnarok Online. If you do want 64bits, you can do cmake -G "Visual Studio 2017 Win64 . 7 days free! Install NoPing now and enjoy it now! You won't get charged, you can use the 7 days free without lag. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8000 or better. exe or setup. . The improved version of Ragnarok Online has a reworked Graphical Interface, a new Daily Login Rewards System, as well as an anti-cheating system. Private servers, free servers. Earlier Windows systems. To play on Valkyrie, New Iris, New Loki, and Valhalla, run pRO_F2P. Korean comic fans acknowledged free RO online game one of the best free MMORPG for a reason. exe is in used. How To Fix Input Delay. Effects off (all, light, fog, etc. Running the Client as Administrator: Select the Client Icon Ragnarok. 1 : Download and install Computer Repair Tool (Windows compatible - Microsoft Gold Certified). Then, fully close and reopen the game so windows focuses on it correctly, resource wise. 3 : Click on “Fix All” to fix all issues. 3: Open your client and log in -> press alt + d and move the bars to the right and click ok. Extensive PVE and PVP content. exe "Right-click" the icon by using the right mouse button; Choose to "Run as Administrator" This may be required for each time the client is run. Become unstoppable. . Reduce The Lag is a service designed to reduce the latency for several massively multiplayer online games. Within the Ragnorok Online interface, you can utilise shortcut keys (or Hot Keys) to help speed up gameplay and make simple tasks a little easier and faster to complete. x, and Windows 10. Now, imagine how slow this laptop is, even if Microsoft claims Windows 10 runs smoother and faster with lower resources or memory compared to Windows 8. Code: 50 and Code: 20 are errors that some program is modifying the RO Client memory. Only RO folder, nowhere else. exe and tick the box next to Run as Administrator. Issue: The code execution cannot proceed because blink32. Europeans and North Americans are gonna get the best ping. Only one problem, you have to pre-populate your \windows\symbols directory with all the PDB symbol files *BEFORE& a crash occurs, otherwise its just garbage. Administrator Rights. More winning. Elite Gamer automatically finds a faster path to game servers. Discussion on Ragnarok Online 2 - Legend of the Second, Launcher + fix within the Ragnarok Online forum part of the MMORPGs category. Open MD5FileList. Play in fullscreen and change the frame rate limiter ingame to no limit. After your period of free evaluation, your plan will be automatically renewed, so you will not stay without using NoPing. dll. Adjust display settings Windows 10. The savegame files for this map are larger than any of the other maps. Your favorite anime characters, drawn by hand, fit the . Make sure to close your aeRO. Steelseries Audio drivers. Some nvidia ingame overlay thing can cause issues too, but I don't know what it's called. 2. If thats the case you could use a bot for it (its better ;P). Less lagging. Processor: Pentium Dual Core or Better. yeah gameguard and defender/essentials were having a tug of war over the game itself, which is what causes the strange sudden lag. exe and set the gpu and resolution. Should the first option not work, please attempt the second option below. It would have taken less time and produced a much better result. Ragnarok Online has survived Vista, 7, and with any luck will survive 8. Happens to me every few days as well and Im using a 1000$ 2080 TI . Test to see if your ping has lowered from your normal response time. 0 Host Machine Init: Operating System = Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Physical RAM = 5339 MB Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is an open world MMORPG based on the ever famous Ragnarok Online, and inherits the RO legacy that drew the attention of millions of fans! Setiap game itu ada yang namanya spesifikasi minimum. OrionUO Client - is an alternative, open source Ultima Online graphic client. Jangan heran, Windows yang jarang dioptimalisasi bisa bikin game ngelag. Revised 2018 Ragnarok Client to similarly work with 2015 Ragnarok Clients. Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 303,104 bytes (50% of all occurrences) or 331,776 bytes. Download the FAR mod. I created a Launcher for RO2, it skips the 3 official launchers and directly starts the RO2 Client, so its not as annoying as before. Whether you want to hunt down the toughest monsters in Rune Midgard or engage in our bi-weekly Guild vs. Ragnarok Online (or RO for short) is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). I know how to fix this follow these instructions: Go to Gravity-Ragnarok Online, find “Setup_Classic” click on it and choose “Troubleshoot compatibility”, choose Troubleshoot program check “The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now”, click Next, choose Windows 7, click Next and click on Test the program. , Sep 4, 2019 Quick Answer: Ragnarok Online is designed to run on the Windows Operating System and RO is not supported on other OS platforms at this time. Check Run this program in compatibility mode for and choose Windows 7 Service Pack 1 from the list. Keep in mind tRO server is in Amsterdam, Europe. Go to Apex Legends. Bornakk gave a few words of explanation about this. 1. Guild War of Emperium, Ragnarok Online has over 10 years worth of content, including new maps, new classes, challenging instanced dungeons and PVP arenas and Battlegrounds. This would have been useful for writing the instructions for Windows 7, since you could make a copy of the Vista instructions and edit the one step that needs editing. after installing, run GRF EDITOR as administrator, click file -> open -> locate your ragnarok online folder . Anyway guys, if you are suffering from terrible lag and constant disconnections from Ragnarok Online Philippines then why not give WTFast a try. 1-compatible video card with 16 MB video RAM, sound card, and internet connection. No griffins are loaded and i have literally turned my settings down to the lowest possible settings to see if it would go . Verify connectivity to Easy Anti-Cheat. 1. This means that, unfortunately, you can't play it when your internet connection isn't working. And you are correct it is partially an issue with Ragnarok. In this tutorial, learn how to remove lag in Ragnarok Transcendence, increase FPS and boost your keyboard during matches to enjoy the best of the classic. Select Display > Change the size of text, apps, and other items, and then adjust the slider for each monitor. Solution: Add steamapps/Ragnarok Online 2 folder to exceptions list. Freeing you from hunger, thirst, and even death, the mask is the creation of the Guides, the rulers of these lands, who have placed you here to determine whether you are worthy . — Skinny Dan (@SkinnyDan1) June 6, 2018. Go to Nvidia Panel, and select your opensetup. Windows Penuh File Sampah. exe and sakray. The choice of professional players when the subject is lag removal, improve FPS and generate stability. WTFast is not FREE but it does have a 14 days free trial and 14 days is more than enough time for you to see if WTFast works for you or not. It's known that the following impact it and should be disabled: Mumble ingame overlay. Otherwise, make sure the account you are playing on has administrative rights. No matter. Scheduled Maintenance 9/1/2021 2:00 AM PDT – 5:00 AM PDT. There is no information about the author of the file. It's really simple so don't overthink it and just follow the steps below: Head to your Steam Library. This can be done using this method: Once you have done that, you can open setup. I still believe this is the right way to approach things and it's changed the way I do Ragnarok Online. Right-click on Nova Patcher. exe, it will begin patching. exe files in ragnarok folder) Turn vsync on (hoping that the stutter is part of screen tearing) Low sprite and texture details. tv. Here's my box specs as of late. Or you could try to use wpe, i know by myself that rPE not always work on all servers, but wpe does mostly (except with a protection ;P). They are massive in size and can get out of control. Ragnarok. Click to install Ragnarok M: Eternal Love from the search results. exe in administrator or compatibility mode and set the texture details to the lowest setting. Just go to the folder where you installed ARK and Run the game executable in Administrator Mode. 1 or 2 year everyone that use Nvidia 7xx Serie ask me how to config issues graphics Ragnarok online game i'cant help them because i don't have 7xx Serie Card today i buy Nvidia Gtx 750ti and found problem when playing Ragnarok online game after 2 day that i buy this card i found this methot can fix this problem 1. I need lag fix for ragnarok on windows 8+ . Change language. If the above doesn't fix it do this: 1: Open setup. Description: Ragnarok. Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Click Apply and OK to save your changes. Option A: Open in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode EarlyManga releases the chapters earlier than other manga sites, you could read the chapters up to 2 days earlier! ACE Online top list. 1st, 2021. Extensive class system. Not tried other streaming sites. In contrast to other Ragnarok servers, here you can play for free and without restrictions. Download Ragnarok_Online_Downloader. 5, Fix hardware assistance virtualization conflict, Memu virtualization conflicts 6, if your using anti virus like avast ect due to way avast works it will stop bots running in background so using tools like windows defender that is free & just as good this might be better but if you wanna keep avast how to set up avast so it wont stop process . The problem is that now matter which game I'm playing I get this annoying freeze/lag that lasts for about 1-3 seconds, and then poof, it works again for another 5-10 minutes without problem (time from freeze to freeze can vary some). The latest Ragnarok Online client supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. We did that for about 2 years, then The Burning Crusade came out, and we . exe. This comes pre-installed with Windows 8 with BING but I recently upgraded it to Windows 10 Home edition because it comes free with the license it came with. It requires 400 MHz Intel Pentium 2 or faster processor, 128 MB RAM, 1. Some users have been able to configure Ragnarok Online for use within a Windows emulator on a Mac or Linux-based system, using a program such as Wine, WineSkin, Lutris, WineBottler, PlayOnMac/PlayOnLinux, etc. I have a Windows 7 laptop and I can't seem to fix my patch server! There is a an automated announcement when it happens so you are prepared. However, there are a few ways to possibly get the Ragnarok client to work in a Windows 8 environment. Just extract all files in the archive to your RO folder. Follow These Instructions: 1. For Windows Vista or Windows 7-1. This will build a 32bits executable. This is one of the attempts to fix the FPS Drop Issue or 'woe lag' during War of Emperium. To play on other servers - Ragnarok Online, Sakray, run their executables which are Ragnarok. Received Thanks: 74. Launch it as administrator and choose 'Install'. There has been a problem playing in borderless with 1/1 fps scale in this game for years and they wont fix it. Greetings, Maintenance will be performed on our network between the hours of 2:00 AM PDT and 5:00 AM PDT on Sept. #2. 8/30/2021 11:17:13 AM. Long time ago. Tweaking the settings in Nvidia control panel (added the 3 . This question has been asked a billion times, and answered a billion and two times. (This seems to happen once in a while if I'm watching stuff on youtube as well. #3. Extreme lag in Ragnarok. Another fix might be to run the game from the installation folder. Just an fyi, you can select text and hit ctrl+c (copy) and then ctrl+v (paste) to create a copy of the selected text. Advertisement. open your game ragnarok online 2. Official Start of King of Emperium starts next week to further give time for preparation. 0 ghz asus p4s800 mb 2 gb pc 3200 ram ati radeon hd 3850 agp vid card 580w power supply windows . Setting ini bisa kamu lakukan agar Bluestack tidak LAG, lambat jadi lancar pada laptop dengan spesifikasi yang terbilang rendah. Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. Page 1 of 3 - Ragnarok Hotkeys - posted in Gaming Scripts: For use with Ragnarok Online:Walks without holding the mouse down:; AutoWalker ; Hit Shift+` to activate, and hit ` to deactivate ; Your character moves according to the mouse position ; every . Share this post. To do so navigate to the "EasyAntiCheat" folder inside of the game's installation folder and locate "EasyAntiCheat_Setup. Malo. 2013. Details An awesome 200 slot survival server with over 40 plugins to enhance your experience Join today to be amazed at the power of ObsidianCrafts community. i try this and that. Battlegrounds Page 1 of 3 - Ragnarok Hotkeys - posted in Gaming Scripts: For use with Ragnarok Online:Walks without holding the mouse down:; AutoWalker ; Hit Shift+` to activate, and hit ` to deactivate ; Your character moves according to the mouse position ; every . Hexi Hamaski 11 Nov, 2013 7: Register now! Renewal Chaos. How to use the FAR mod: 1. If your Easy Anti-Cheat installation becomes corrupted somehow, you can repair it by following the same steps and choosing 'Repair' at the end. How long have you played ark? I’ve played simce ea into laumch and i can tell you from experience that pillars do kill spawns and cause lag. Now, Run your Ragnarok online and close it. If neither of the links display the expected message, make sure that nothing is blocking your Internet connection. The result is more stable network communications for your game, with up to a half in latency. Can any one direct me to the working fix for the post lag fix in windows vista? well, malwarebytes is a website for ultra geeky types, and i believe they have more helpful articles like this, maybe you could find more helpful resources there Jun 23, 2017 @ 9:23am. I used to be able to spam heal as much as i wanted, but now, full support priests are a joke since the lag only makes me able to heal once every 1- 2 seconds. You should see the message: '200 - HTTP OK'. dll was not found. i got a problem when i play Ragnarok online, after a few minutes the game will close itself, do anyone know how to fix this? btw im using win7 home basic 64 bit, the . 18 14:00; View Comments; There is no wonder that with 200 million registered RuneScape accounts some players suffer from lag, latency or ping issues! The majority of laggers have issues that are caused by their computers or their ISPs. open folder lenzki bot folder and install grf editor. exe". Same for the ijl15, cps. One of the simplest reasons that the game will crash is due to administrative rights. Lowest resolution. & Add c:/Gravity to the exceptions list as well. All weekend freezing, Lag and DC'ing. Shortcut keys, just like in windows, are a combination keypress of 2 or 3 keys at the same time. exe client when you open the aeRO Patcher. Open the RO2 Folder. 5 GB available space. During the last weeks/months, it's been pretty clear that WotLK will reset the gear once again by making items like quest rewards nearly as powerful as the "old" raiding gear. How can I fix graphical glitches and/or FPS drops in game? If you're experiencing graphics or lag issues in-game, it may be due to the client's graphics settings. Ragnarok Online – US servers; Other games? If you have any suggestions please Contact Us. Play Private Ragnarok Online server! Our Ragnarok online private server always welcomes new players. Sedangkan bagi kalian yang menggunakan emulator bluestack versi 2 atau 3, agar peformanya bisa lebih lancar dan tidak LAG bisa mencoba cara sederhana yang sudah saya tuliskan di bawah ini. I started Ragnarok and the window is just a tiny bar/the fullscreen just shows black and white. Ragnarok started in 2002. This mod is really amazing as it not only does it fixes the low FPS issue, but it also fixes the fullscreen problem of the game in pc (This is when the game suddenly goes to window mode). txt_tmp and delete it (I didn't have this file originally, but after the fix i do) 3. Plays. 01. Scroll to Properties. Supposedly you can do it under Vista as well if you apply a Hotfix to your system first. Give it a thumbs up!anyways here I'm going to teach you how to reduce lagYou can also download this Leatrix Late. May 7, 2013 @ 9:39am. Gan ada yg bisa bantu ane setting in PCSX2 punya ane buat maen The Warriors, soalnya ane maen nge lag banget gan cuma 20 fps an btw ini spec pc ane dan settingan" PCSX2 ane PCSX2 1. All of the graphics settings can be found by running opensetup. To fix this just right-click the game and press “Run The Game as Administrator”. 0 and Clang 6. IRO Official Ragnarok . I dont see any skill IDs =o. 3. Reinstalling the pgoram may fix this problem. go to your main ragnarok online folder and create copy of data. Supported Platforms: Windows 10 32bit & 64bit, Windows 8 32bit & 64bit, Windows 7 32 & 64bit; Windows Vista 32 & 64bit & Windows XP 32 still function, but we are no longer actively supporting these operating systems got the same Problem, 16GB Ram, 2080Ti, Windows 10 - uninstalled/installed Ragnarok 4 times, tested every Resolution and can't fix it, had to move to my Laptop for now - please fix this . Fix RuneScape lag, solve latency issues and lower your ping. 7 to build. Lag fix I found some real interesting information on how to tweak your Registry settings in Windows XP to give much better Latency times for World of Warcraft. The closest fix you can get is GM Howls tcp/ip fix. How To Fix Crashing, Freezing, Stuttering And Lag issues. Supported Platforms: Windows 10 32bit & 64bit, Windows 8 32bit & 64bit, Windows 7 32 & 64bit; Windows Vista 32 & 64bit & Windows XP 32 still function, but we are no longer actively supporting these operating systems Long time ago. While normal use cpu temp 35 to 40 Gan ada yg bisa bantu ane setting in PCSX2 punya ane buat maen The Warriors, soalnya ane maen nge lag banget gan cuma 20 fps an btw ini spec pc ane dan settingan" PCSX2 ane PCSX2 1. Try running the game again. When you run Valkyrie. Here is the quickest way to improve Ragnarok Online lag on PC. txt and delete all the text in it and save (I created a copy of the file on my desktop incase it didn't work) 4. IMO, the problem with lag is just latency, no way to fix that, just need a better ISP, an ISP closest to the backbone in the country. Download Link (alternative) #2. finally i got the solution and i'd like to share with youi'm done with windows 10 thankyou so much for being friendly atm and the res. Full Client Winrar Installer . DirectX: Version 8. Hi, here we go again for more tutorial video. 3rd birthday and it's near unplayable. Us Asians will always get those crappy 200ms+ pings. Network: Broadband Internet connection. 2: Open setup. Keats. IN. Open Beta Client Full Client Winrar Installer Google Drive. It's really simple. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee that any of these methods work due to variables with the OS. WotLK Gear reset, housing, lag fix, comics. So use Kill Ping now and play Ragnorak like its meant to be played. It currently supports Visual Studio 2015, 2017, GCC 7. You need to grant Windows the appropriate permissions to set what resolution and graphic card for the game to use. ABSOLVER - Online Melee Action-. The game incudes both Player vs Enemy and Player vs Player content. grf to modify monster sprites. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC. intel dual core 3. Ensure you can access our Content Distribution Network by following these links. Some newer graphics cards in particular don't work very well with the Ragnarok Online client. 7 GB free space, 640 x 480 minimum screen resolution, Microsoft DirectX 8. Memory: 2 GB RAM. Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) Game Crash on NoxPlayer? Check this to Solve Hi dear Adventurers, if you’ve encountered issues like force-stop, game crash, extreme lags, or others in ROX, please follow the two methods below (either way could solve incompatibility issues, keep reading for more details). Dan bukan cuma game lho, software-software lain juga bisa ikut melambat kinerjanya. exe is not essential for Windows and will often cause problems. It also sets up your Localization Settings while the game is runnint if you . We bounce your game data via our network of servers before finally sending it onto the real game servers. 6 (600 milliseconds) seconds, increase the time ; if your server is laggy (no more than 1000 ms), and decrease the time ; if your server is lag . Now included with Panoramic Wifi. Download Link #1. ragnarok online lag fix windows 7